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Donald J. Wertzberger, AIA
Public Safety Consulting

Don Wertzberger is the Director of Public Safety Architecture with 720 design inc.


Don has devoted his entire career—over 30 years—to collaborating with Police and Law Enforcement agencies in the design and delivery of new facilities. This has resulted in positioning Don as a recognized leader nationally with involvement on over 150 Police projects. His drive and pursuit for design excellence, coupled with quality, functional, and operationally driven buildings, are unparalleled.


Don's hands-on approach to projects, from initial needs assessment studies to the final stages of construction, instills a sense of confidence. His meticulous attention to detail ensures that promises are delivered and expectations are met.

In addition to collaborating with design teams on projects, Don uniquely works directly for police agencies and chiefs as a project champion and subject-matter expert.

Don’s participation and contributions in national organizations include:

  • AIA Justice Facilities Review Committee Chair – Law Enforcement Track 2012

  • AIA Justice Facilities Review Jury Member 2014

  • AIA AAJ – involvement in over twenty (20) projects cited for design excellence and published in the Red Book

  • IACP (International Association Chiefs of Police) Committee Member for the update to the “Police Facilities Planning Guidelines” 2019



“Don’s demeanor is thoughtful, attentive, calm and friendly, even under the most stressful of circumstances and working with the most difficult of people.  His continuous commitment and leadership drives the success of projects.”  

Former Euless Police Chief and City Manager Gary McKamie  

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