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An Ally in Public Safety Architecture.

Police departments function as villages with many different specialties. 720 Design has a unique understanding of this functionality, and we work closely with department leadership, serving as a voice and an advocate from design through construction. 

Don Wertzberger is the Director of Public Safety Architecture with 720 design inc., and has dedicated his entire career to collaborating with public safety, fire, courts, and municipal agencies in the design and delivery of new facilities. Don is recognized as a national leader in public safety consulting and has helped guide the successful completion of more than 150 police projects. 

Don's approach emphasizes a collaborative process, bringing together designers, engineers, consultants, construction managers, city staff, and users to share their unique perspectives for the benefit of the project.

“Don has a unique ability to communicate with all three key partners: construction, design, and owner, ensuring their unique needs are met while never losing sight of the overall goal. He has left an indelible mark on our community, and we will forever be grateful for his efforts and friendship.”  

- North Richland Hills Director of Public Safety Jimmy Perdue

HPPD charrette_960x574.jpeg
Tolleson PD and Courts-cropped_960x311.jpeg

Tolleson, Arizona Police Department and Courts

“Anyone can build four walls around a foundation and call it a building, but it takes trust, passion, and commitment to build something that becomes an integral part of the community.  Don has all those qualities and his contribution to the team helped ensure that the project became a focal point of our community”  

- Tolleson, AZ Police Chief Larry Rodriguez

Signature Projects.

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