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About Us

Founded in 2007 by Maureen Arndt, 720 design Inc. is a boutique planning, architecture and interior design firm devoted to the development of modern library spaces where communities can gather to learn, play, dream, and explore.

We have completed over 350 libraries across the country, bringing a wealth of knowledge, lessons learned and expertise to each unique library project.

Our Ethos.

720 Design believes that to create a notable and exceptional project, our design approach must be collaborative with the City, Library, and Community that the project serves. Our team believes that outstanding design is the result of three key philosophies:

Listening to the stakeholders. 

You are the expert on your community’s needs. We know the questions to ask to draw both objective and subjective information from your stakeholders that will inform the design.

Respecting the functional needs of the library.

720 design understands and designs for the “business” of libraries, of how people, staff, and materials flow through a space efficiently, safely, and intuitively.

Understanding the community and neighborhood.

Community engagement allows the community to be heard, generates excitement, and creates library ambassadors. It serves as a fundamental driving force to shape the project and helps us better understand the future needs of your community.

Modern libraries are more than places to read and study.

Libraries today are community spaces where friends and neighbors connect, collaborate with library staff, explore books and technology, and learn and create using library and community resources. Librarians make connections and bring together people to exchange information. Good architecture reflects and supports these connections.

Technology Collaboration + Study Rooms.jpg

No two libraries are alike.

We approach each project as a unique opportunity to support and promote the library’s goals and objectives. We believe that for libraries to be successful they must be convenient for patrons and staff to use with all resources easily accessible. The facility must be comfortable, understandable, and secure for a wide range of ages.

“720 Design is shaping the face and function of libraries across this state and beyond. I would argue your impact on libraries is comparable to the Rosenberg or even Carnegie Foundations. Thank you for helping with ours!"

Missy Atwood, President, Dripping Springs Community Library Board  

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